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Ropeless is a rollicking, heartwrenching, Jewish mother/daughter story set in Brooklyn and Silicon Valley that celebrates life's possibilities.

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Four, distinct, first person narrators weave a complex tapestry. There's Ida:

“I'm 78 and I still live here with my Paully, who, you won't believe is 55 already. Who knew a man with the Down’s syndrome would live so long? Right here beside me, his whole life. And when, God forbid, I can't take care no more, I got mine good daughter, mine Jody, she'll come home, she'll do right.”

Then there’s Jody, thirteen years younger than Paully:

“People move for jobs all the time, Ma, that's what I'll tell her if she ever lets me get a word in edgewise. My whole life she's got me taking care of my brother, I started as a sales girl selling bras at the Macy's and now I'm a manger. I gotta right.”

From California, Jody reaches out to an advocacy system her family never trusted. Enter crusading but clueless young social worker, Deborah Steiner,

“At this time when Americans hunger for something to be truly proud of, we can be boast of this: we have the most accessible society in the history of humankind. But with all we have to offer, how can this family have denied Paul education, peers, independence? Never fear, Paul Kochansky, I have seen you, and I will get you out!”

Soon everyone's life begins to expand, new activities and especially, new friends. Danny, a man who uses a wheelchair, comes into the life of the family:

“And I will bring to them this message: that now, this minute, is ours to cherish. That and one another. When we accept our lives, when we move forward, when we look at disability and shrug and get on with our day, this is when we are brave."

In this way, Ropeless offers a new perspective on disabilities. More than a family saga, Ropeless is about embracing life fully, with dignity and freedom

Awards for Ropeless...

Laughing Gull Best in Show
Media Darlings 1st Place 1st Place
Writers' League of Texas 1st Place
San Francisco Writers Club 2nd Place
Joanna Catherine Scott prize: League of PEN Women 2nd Place
Chattanooga Writers Guild 2nd Place
Kathryn Handley prize: League of PEN Women 3rd Place
John Woods Creative Writing Contest 3rd Place
Peter Taylor Prize Finalist
River City Publishing Best Novel Competition Finalist
Santa Fe Writers Project Finalist
So to Speak: a Feminist Journal of Language and Art Finalist
Foster City International Writing Competition Hon. Ment.
CNW/FFWA Florida State Writing Competition Hon. Ment.

About the author...

Tracy Koretsky has won numerous awards for her fiction and poetry, including many first-place citations and three Pushcart Prize nominations. Her work is widely published in literary magazines, including Potomac Review, The Comstock Review and Phantasmagoria. She serves on the editorial staff of Triplopia, for which she runs the "Best of the Best" poetry competition.

Her second novel, The Body of Helen, a roman à clef inspired by Martha Graham, has been recognized by awards from the California Writers Club, the Mary Ann Pfeffinger Awards, the Maryland Writers Association, and

Tracy is represented by the Nancy Ellis Literary Agency ( Please contact agency for a complete publications vitae or for more information about Ropeless or The Body of Helen.

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